Credit Bureau

Keep an eye on your existing customers financial health by accessing the most comprehensive credit checking facility on the market.

Minimise the risk and make smart credit decisions. Access CRO documents, judgments, disqualified/restricted directors, bankruptcies, personal insolvencies

Anti-Money laundering checks can be incorporated alongside your regular StubbsGazette checks to include adverse media, PEP and other enforcement and sanctions to complete Enhanced Customer Due Diligence requirements your company may need.


 Debt Recovery

StubbsGazette handle debt management for your company so that you can place more focus on daily operations leaving the worry over customers not paying you to the experts. Providing successful mediation, dispute resolution and instalment planning to ensure successful debt recovery.

More often than not we can avoid the last resort of going to court. We can liaise with your debtor regarding your disputed debt and come to a solution!


 Demand Letters

If your customers are ignoring your requests for payment then it may be time to send a Demand Letter from StubbsGazette. Getting a letter from a StubbsGazette is enough to persuade most people into paying pretty quickly.

Increase payments on overdue accounts and reduce your debtor days by leveraging the StubbsGazette brand.


 Treatment Plans

StubbsGazette offer an incredible Automated Treatment service for our clients to get the best chance of getting a response from debtors. We have made the process of treating debts more efficient by building a platform that automates and manages debts for you.

A course of action is automatically scheduled over a period so you can free up time and resources.



Explore our compliance solutions which cut through the complexity of your regulatory requirements. Our Enhanced Due Diligence checks allow you to meet the legal requirements  while detecting, reporting and analysing money laundering activities. Compliance with AML, KYC and sanction requirements continue to be a key focus area for management and firms must ensure they are following appropriate compliance procedures to meet increasing regulatory demands.



Here at StubbsGazette we have partnered with UK technology company Sagacity Solutions, one of only three accredited Eircode providers, to design an Eircode service for Irish businesses. We believe there is substantial value to businesses with large databases of customers in adding an Eircode to their customer files. Doing so prompts business decision makers through statistical messages that help improve planning and logistics.


 StubbsGazette: Digital ID Verification solution

StubbsGazette has developed a world-class online ID Verification solution for different sectors using digital footprints, ID document authentication and facial bio-metrics to prove customer identity across multiple sources.