We’re developing new data tools which will make decision making on credit, loans and debt recovery more informed

After the last economic meltdown in 2009, President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel said that you should “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste.” I wonder what he would have to say today as we are going through a second once in a lifetime global economic meltdown in the space of 11 years.


Many businesses who survived the first crash will struggle both financially – and emotionally - to deal with this latest catastrophe. Some may even decide to throw in the towel and opt to wind up their businesses voluntarily, rather than investing personal wealth which they have rebuilt since the last crash. 


On top of that, there is likely to be widespread corporate insolvencies in the SME sector as a result of the fallout, both foreseen and unforeseen over the coming years. We do not yet know the scale of the carnage or which sectors are likely to be hit hardest, although many are predicting the hospitality and retail (apart from grocery) sectors are going to be the worst affected.


Government intervention is crucial to limit the long-term damage and to mitigate the worst outcomes of a depression. The European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled a €750 billion stimulus package  against COVID-19, and has underwritten Government borrowings at interest rates of less than zero. This provides a potent weapon to the Irish Government and the Central Bank of Ireland who could make loans available to small businesses at interest rates close to 0. This, I believe would turn the tide and prevent widespread voluntary liquidations of otherwise healthy companies with a bright future.


One thing for certain in these uncertain times is that life will be nothing like it was before.


That’s why we at StubbsGazette are busy working on exciting new initiatives which will help businesses navigate the new post-Covid-19 financial world. The crisis has sped up the development on new credit scoreboards that we have had in the planning stage only a few weeks ago.


I am glad to report to you that the new scorecards and algorithms will factor in the rapidly changing economic landscape as a result of this dreadful pandemic. We will be looking at data outside our traditional credit scoring databases, including the CSO, ESRI and other national and international sources. The tools we are devising will be easy to use and will give business the vital information you need to make informed and timely decisions. I am confident that blending this type of social/economic data with our current credit scores will greatly improve our forecasting and predictability of insolvency across companies and sectors over the coming years.


If you’d like further information on developments here at Stubbs or updates on new products please feel free to contact me.


We hope and pray that our policy makers make the right decisions over the coming months to ensure that this crisis does not go to waste.


In the meantime, as has been the case through many other financial crises through the decades, Stubbs is here to provide you with timely, relevant information which will ensure your business has the right data to make informed decisions around credit, debt recovery and loan decision-making. The only difference is that today we use cutting edge technology, data analytics and AI to guide your decision making.


As ever


James Treacy

CEO, StubbsGazette

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